The Essentials in a Wildlife Photographer’s Kit

Written By McKenna West

Magic happens when a photographer manages to capture a beautiful or enigmatic event in nature through the lens of their camera. A wildlife photographer in the outdoors without a camera would be like a musician at a concert hall without their violin. Yet, a veteran wildlife photographer knows that their camera is just one of the essential tools in their pack. When seeking to shoot reclusive creatures or complex terrain, seasoned photographers never leave for a shoot without these items:

  • Binoculars

Especially for photographers who wish to capture shots of birds or other elusive creatures.

  • Equipment Cover

Your camera equipment costs a lot of money. Equip yourself with the necessary items to make sure you keep your investment in top condition. Rain cover accessories protect your camera equipment from being damaged or destroyed while still allowing you to shoot by leaving the lens protected but still exposed.

  • Camera Support

A sturdy, adjustable tripod is essential to capturing crisp images

  • Bean Bag

Oftentimes the angle of the camera on the tripod will disrupt its center of gravity, leaving it compromised to topple over. In uneven terrain, this is even more likely. A bean bag is a handy tool you attach to your tripod that keeps it weighed down and centered.

  • Photo Blind

An essential tool to have when attempting to shoot shy or wary wildlife. Most only take a few minutes to set up and have screened windows on most, if not all sides of the blind. This allows for wildlife spotting as well as shooting.

  • Headlamp

Using a source of light that is hands-free allows you to carry your gear with more ease while trekking through terrain in the twilight hours or after dusk.

  • Compact First-Aid kit

Accidents happen and it’s imperative to be prepared, especially when shooting solo.

  • Camera Holster

These can be bought to carry camera equipment from around your waist or on your back. Freeing your hands of your camera equipment allows you to tread more steadily through tough terrain and prevent hurting yourself or your camera equipment. If these aren’t your style, consider a simple backpack.

  • Teleconverter

Useful, but not entirely necessary, teleconverters are an accessory that’s between the camera body and the lens to ultimately increase the focal length of your lens.

  • Telephoto Lens

If there is one lens the wildlife photographer will bring with them on their shoots, this is it. The telephoto lens allows a photographer to capture crisp wildlife images – without actually getting close to the wildlife.